Saturday, March 21, 2009

She Didn't Mind Crying When the Sky Did

She walks alone
Eyes to the ground
Head hanging down
She feels so bound

Cold as ice,
Her heart aches
It didn't have to end like this
Slowly,she breaks

It starts to rain
In blows the wind
She didn't mind crying
When the sky did

No one to talk to
No one seems to care
She hides all alone
Caught in depression's snare

She thinks about death
She doesn't eat or drink
Will she do it?
She slowly starts to shrink

Can anybody hear her?
She cries out
No one listens
How loud must she shout?

The sun sets
On her sad life
No one thought it would come to this
They found a bloody knife

They all prayed
For her sad soul
Hoping she'd choose life
Instead of death's toll

How can we help girls like her?
They can't come into harms way
We need to help
So many every day

Prevent teen suicide
Write love on her arms!
We can't deal
With so many alarms

Give hugs
Spread the love
With God's blessing
Sent from above.

Joe Jonas

She got tickets to see their show,
Front row seats.
"I'm going to marry Joe!"

She's more than obsessed..
She has all the shirts.
She's a stalker at best.

"I saw him last night!
Come to our wedding?"
He never leaves her sight.

She's got written on her hand,
"I heart Joe Jonas."
She wishes she could be in the band.

She knows it'll never,
ever happen.
"Can't i dream of forever?"

"It was just a phase."
She says,
"A childish craze."

She still hopes and dreams.
She hides his picture under her pillow.
"Its not what it seems."

She'll never forget,
her very first love.
Joe Jonas-The guys she never met.

I'll Never Forget Your Smile

I'm staring out the window
My life flashes before my eyes.
Memories coming and going
Oh how time flies

My friends say hello,
But soon they say goodbye
I feel a little sad,
But i have hope for a time

My life is not over
Just because people leave.
I know you'll come back
After all you have achieved

Our friendship will stay strong
Even across the miles
My love wont ever change
I'll never forget your smile

We've had some good times
They've outnumbered the bad
I'll never forget
The many laughs we've had

This isn't goodbye
At least not forever
You'll be in my heart
Ever and ever.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'll Meet You There

I have to be somewhere,
Go to our special place,
I'll meet you there.

I'm scared,
Daddy doesn't know about us,
I'll meet you there.

It isn't fair,
Why can't we be together?
I'll meet you there.

we're the perfect pair,
Alike, yet different,
I'll meet you there.

The sun shines off your hair,
you're so beautiful,
I'll meet you there.

For the county fair,
I baked a pie,
I'll meet you there.

Breathe this air,
So refreshing,
I'll meet you there.

Your feet are bare,
Stuck in the sand,
I'll meet you there .

Do you dare?
Fall, and I'll catch you,
I'll meet you there.

Baby, you know i care,
kiss me.
I'll meet you there.

Our love is rare,
Stay strong,
I'll meet you there.

Others stare,
They're just jealous,
I'll meet you there.

What will we wear?
White dress, black tux,
I'll meet you there

Forever we'll share,
Everything, our lives,
I'll meet you there.
I'll meet you there.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

When the last rose dies

He handed her 10 roses; nine real, one fake.
He said: "I will stop loving you when the last rose dies."

The Sun Will Set Upon Our Lives....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Waves crash
Seagulls call
The air is salty
I feel so small

I walk along the shore
Crunching of shells
The birds circle overhead
Casting spells

I see a boat
Out at sea
It does not move
Intriguing me

It's fragmented
What a loss
Half has sunk
Covered in moss

I start to wonder
What happened here?
The boat tells a tale
Anyone care to hear?

I think of the men
Lost at sea
Their wives back home
Making their plea

"Darling, come back!
Will he make it home?
I miss him."
Lost in the sea foam.

Dark days
Tell darker stories
It makes me sad
casting away other worries

I watch the tide
Go out, come in
I'm forced to remember
The things akin

Sad memories
Lost in my head
Like the boat,
Now the sea is its bed

This shard of a ship
Reflects on the sand
It beckons me
Holds out its hand

It pulls me in
Closer, closer
I touch the water
It gets colder and colder

The waves splash
All around
I just keep walking
Never hearing a sound

Soon I'm gone
Lost at sea
Like the boat
Never to be free.